Sunday, 4 September 2011

Flea Market Finds

Today's flea market find comes from a little second-hand shop in town, which is always full of interesting furniture and knick knacks. I stopped in yesterday for a browse, and found these little lovelies:

I'm not even sure what they are (coasters?), but I knew right away that they'd look wonderful on the wall of our newly painted dining room. And they do. If they are coasters, they're far too pretty to put a dripping mug of tea on.

According to the shop owner, there was also a yellow one but it got sold. :( I'm disappointed to miss out on the whole set, but who knows - maybe I'll find the yellow one in a charity shop someday.

You can see lots more flea market finds here!


  1. They look amazing on your wall! I love the colours.

    E :)

  2. I love these and I hope you find the yellow one down the track.

  3. Having seen them in person, I can say that they are even more fantastic than they look in the pic, but they really do look fab on your wall!x